Corporate Profile

Head Office Address 4F ThinkPark Tower, 2-1-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-6004 JAPAN
Date of Establishment July 21, 1972
Capital 11,413 million yen (as of March 2018)
End of Fiscal Year March 31
Number of Employees 1,372 (as of March 2018)
Description of Business Operation of MOS BURGER hamburger franchise, other food service businesses, etc.
Stock Exchange Listing Tokyo Stock Exchange, 1st Section (Japan)

Number of MOS BURGER Group Stores

As of January 2019

MOS BURGER Japan 1,329
Taiwan 264
Singapore 34
Hong Kong 24
Thailand 9
Indonesia 3
China 15
Australia 6
Korea 14
Others Japan 36

Directors and Corporate Auditors

As of October 2018

Chairman & Representative Director, Honorary President of MOS Academy Atsushi Sakurada
President & Representative Director Eisuke Nakamura
Managing Director, General Manager Management Support Headquarters
in charge of Product Headquarters, General Strategy Office, International Headquarters, CSR Promotion Office
Ryuhei Fukushima
Managing Director, General Manager Store Business Development Division, President of MOS Academy, Chairman & Director MOS STORE COMPANY, INC., President & Representative Director MOS DINING, INC. Yoshimi Yanagi
Executive Director, General Manager Operation Headquarters Koichi Goto
Executive Director, General Manager New Business Headquarters in charge of Development Headquarters, Brand Strategy Office Yuko Uchida
Director (Outside Director) Mika Takaoka
Director (Outside Director) Morio Nishikawa
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Jun Nakai
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Masahiko Nagai
Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member Kunimasa Igarashi
Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member Takako Murase
Senior Executive Officer, General Manager Audit Office Tsuneomi Haraguchi
Senior Executive Officer, CSR Promotion Office Shinji Yamaguchi
Executive Officer, General Manager
Operation Strategy Division
Tsukasa Usui
Executive Officer, General Manager
Management Support Division
Toshiko Takahashi
Executive Officer, General Manager
International Headquarters
Jun Takifuka
Executive Officer, General Manager
Chairman's and President's Office
Takashi Abe
Executive Officer, General Manager
Brand Strategy Office
Tsutomu Kawakoshi
Executive Officer, General Manager
Eastern Japan Operation Division
Hiroki Sunouchi
Executive Officer, General Manager
Western Japan Operation Division
Wataru Namazu
Executive Officer, General Manager
General Strategy Office
Kazuaki Chihara
Executive Officer, Deputy General Manger
International Headquarters
Yoshinori Ando
Executive Officer, General Manager
Product Headquarters
Tsuneari Ota
Executive Officer, General Strategy Office Ko Kasai

Group Companies in Japan

MOS STORE COMPANY, INC. MOS BURGER Operations in the Eastern Area of Japan
MHS, INC. Food Sanitation Inspection
MOS CREDIT, INC. Financing
MOS DINING, INC. chef's V (Vegetable Restaurant) ,
GREEN GRILL (Vegetable Restaurant) and
AEN (Japanese-style Restaurant) Operations

and another four companies