Message from Management

To become a company
capable of continuing business
for 50, and 100 years

To become a company capable of continuing business for 50, and 100 years

Thank you for your continued patronage of MOS BURGER and its group stores.

We started out as a small store in Narimasu, Tokyo with an area of about 10 square meters. In 2022, we will be celebrating our 50th anniversary. This was made possible by our customers, shareholders and all of the support our stakeholders have been given us.

We are currently laying our foundation, with the aim of becoming a company capable of continuing business for 100 years. Passion of our founder, Satoshi Sakurada and the founding principles are what we value the most. Since I was appointed as president in 2016, I have considered my mission to be to carry on and redefine his passion and the founding principles. Therefore they are implemented throughout our action guidelines.

Passion of our founder/Value of MOS

The founding principle is "to engage in activities that will be appreciated by customers". We strive to become a community-based store so that we will be appreciated, and that our customers will be happy to have MOS in their community. As a restaurant chain established in Japan, we have created a wide range of unique products incorporating Japan's food culture such as the "Teriyaki Burger" and "MOS Rice Burger". We also provide "MOS Fresh Vegetables" carefully grown by our contracted farmers, and products developed in accordance with the belief that food and medicine are of the same origin. We will take these values, which we have developed over the years, to the next level, and continue to provide customers with supreme taste. We hope to hear many words of appreciation not only from our customers but also from everyone involved with MOS group.

The passion of our founder is expressed in our company name "MOS". It stands for "Mountain, Ocean, Sun (Love the environment, love people". In the 2015 UN Summit, "SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)" were adopted in order to deliver solutions to environmental and social issues. MOS has been contributing to environmental and social issues since its founding, showing its concern for the environment in the company name, and will make more effort to contribute to SDGs as a member of society and a member of the world.

It's all about "people"

We live in a fast-changing world. Not only COVID-19, but natural disasters, accidents and incidents, AI and digitalization have brought change into our system and environment. However, everything is centered on "people". We want to be able to think and act while keeping others in mind. We hope to become a group of people who can make others happy, feel joy to see their smiles and who can share the value of sincerity.

At MOS group, we will continue to strive to become a place where we can provide "peace of mind", "heart warming atmosphere" and of course "delicious food" to our customers.
I wish to express my deep appreciation for your continued support of MOS FOOD SERVICES.

Eisuke Nakamura
President & Representative Director