Message from Management

A Message to You Atsushi Sakurada, Chairman
The MOS Mission: A Food Service Business for the 21st Century

Thank you for your continued patronage of MOS BURGER and its group stores. The corporate motto at MOS is "making people happy through food." Accordingly, the company remains committed to consistently providing "safe, healthy and delicious food" with "cordial and friendly service." Even as MOS BURGER evolves in tandem with changing trends in society, the heart of the company, which is to derive a sense of satisfaction from providing a valuable service to our customers and witnessing their happiness, will never change. Ultimately, this is what motivates the staff at MOS BURGER.

The company also maintains a keen awareness of the relativity of time , realizing that the present moment will promptly transition into the past, giving way to the future. To genuinely remain in "the present moment," the company needs to go through a repeated process of analysis and review with the aim of supplying customers with the best possible products and services at all times.
Accordingly, the company is constantly trying to anticipate future trends for the next several years or imminent changes in people's lifestyles, considering measures that can address trends likely to manifest in the near future, and reviewing whether its measures match the present conditions in the world.

A critical aspect underpinning the company's goal of delivering delicious and safe food with meticulous service in the future will be the extent to which it can expand and strengthen its presence as a community-oriented space. MOS BURGER stores strive to be places with a family-like, warm atmosphere that can double as venues for encounters and interaction with other people.
They are meant to be conducive to new friendships and exchanges. The MOS team is dedicated to providing such an environment and thus delivering the MOS experience, which the team hopes will continue to support the comfortable lifestyles of our many customers and attract the ongoing love and appreciation of the community. MOS FOOD SERVICE has a lot of exciting initiatives in the works, and looks forward to welcoming you at one of its stores.

Atsushi Sakurada