Business Activities


MOS BURGER is a hamburger shop chain established in Japan. Ever since its founding, we have placed the utmost emphasis on taste. In order to offer a fresh eating experience straight out of the kitchen, we have adopted an after order method that entails the preparation of products after receiving each order. Moreover, we have incorporated
Japanese food culture into the development of products, and continue to deliver an excellent taste using carefully selected ingredients based on our motto of "Good Food for Good Health."

Mother Leaf

Mother Leaf is a chain of specialty black tea stores serving fresh black tea alongside American waffles. The black tea on which the stores are based is sourced directly from tea plantations in Sri Lanka and selected by well-known tea expert Takeshi Isobuchi to ensure that customers can enjoy the finest cup of tea every time they visit a Mother Leaf store. In addition to premium tea, the stores also offer a curated selection of sweets and pasta-based or other meals. Mother Leaf also operates cafe` leggero, a new store format distinguished by its casual atmosphere where customers can spend precious time while enjoying a cup of tea or choosing from a fine selection of coffees and handmade sweets.

Mother Leaf Tea Style

Mother Leaf Tea Style is a self-service cafe that offers novel black tea-inspired products, including fruit teas derived from seasonal fruits and distinguished by vivid, appetizing colors, and a special royal milk tea with an infusion of three kinds of tea leaves. It also provides a diverse selection of waffles and light meals, and tastefully incorporates black tea in a wide range of culinary settings.


MOSDO! is a chain of collaborative stores established in February 2008 as part of a capital alliance between MOS FOOD SERVICES and Duskin. The stores carry a selection of MOS BURGER and Mister Donut signature products, and allow customers to conveniently customize their orders.

chef's V

Operated by MOS Dining, chef's V is a restaurant chain that revolves around the concept of "delicious vegetables." It provides healthy food centered on seasonal vegetables and distinguished by creative dishes that embody skilled culinary techniques.


Operated by MOS Dining, AEN is a chain of Japanese-style restaurants that offers dishes incorporating seasonal vegetables. Based on the concept of "gifts of nature," the chain leverages the existing network of MOS GROUP-affiliated farmers to source carefully selected vegetables, and strives to give customers a taste of Japan's culinary richness by serving vegetable dishes with simple flavors that reflect the changing seasons amid a rustic atmosphere.