Management Policy

MOS FOOD SERVICES,INC. has formulated a value system consisting of four core components: the Management Philosophy, "Betterment of Humanity and Society", Founding Inspiration, Basic Policy, and Management Vision. These four components not only represent our company's goals but also reflect the MOS Spirit that every member of the MOS Group embraces.

MOS Spirit

Management Philosophy

Betterment of Humanity and Society

Contributing to society through deep connections with customers and communities, while also providing sincere service.

Our Management Philosophy, "Betterment of Humanity and Society" embodies our commitment to creating a positive societal impact. We aim to achieve this by forging strong sincere bonds with our customers, local communities, and all stakeholders who play a role in our endeavors.

Founding Inspiration

Let’s make sure your work is something widely appreciated.

"Let’s make sure your work is something widely appreciated." This strong commitment made by our founder, Satoshi Sakurada, makes up the Founding Spirit of MOS FOOD SERVICES,INC. and is starting point of our aspirations and feelings. These words, which have been passed down since the establishment of the company in 1972, continue to provide support to our Management Philosophy of "Betterment of Humanity and Society" and serve as the source of all our thoughts and actions.

Basic Policy

We want our stores to be welcoming and pristine; with all the workers being caring, authentic and soulful while attending to customers in a vibrant and intuitive manner.
We want our customers to experience the calmness and warmth that is our store.

The Basic Policy established by our founder, Satoshi Sakurada, paints and image of a rolemodel in order to realize the aims of our Management Philosophy. Through true implementation of this Basic Policy, we can achieve customer satisfaction and the will to sustain continuous effort and drive.

Management Vision

Happiness through food

At MOS BURGER, we believe in delivering happiness through food. Our mission is to rejuvenate our customers with vitality, energy, and lust for life.
Through our culinary endeavors, we aim to spread happiness worldwide.
Our aspiration is that one day, people across the globe will say, "Did you know Mos Burger is from Japan?!", as we work towards making this vision a reality."

MOS Spirit and Sustainability

Since its founding, MOS Group has been guided by the foundational principles of the "MOS Spirit," focusing on conscientious business operations that consider the environment, health and well-being of local our communities.

At MOS Group, we believe that creating value through collaborative efforts with stakeholders is fundamental to our success. This is our greatest strength.
By actively engaging in new value creation through our endeavors, we aim to continue creating value while engaging in sustainable practices.