Corporate Objectives

Ever wonder what MOS stands for?

To stand tall and firm like a Mountain.

To have a heart that is broad and deep as the Ocean.

To have passion like the Sun that never burns out.

MOS was given its name by the Company's founder, Satoshi Sakurada, as an expression of his limitless love for humans and the environment and a desire to establish a group consisting of people committed to that ideal.

The MOS Corporate Motto --"Making people happy through food"--

We provide "delicious, safe, and healthy food" with "cordial and friendly service."MOS BURGER is a Japanese hamburger chain that has offered hamburgers tailored to the Japanese palate since 1972. Following the opening of its first store, the company rapidly grew into a nationwide franchise thanks to a combination of its menu of delicious, freshly made food and cordial and friendly service.

From the start, MOS BURGER has pursued "delicious food" as its primary objective. Accordingly, its policy is to never leave food sitting out, but prepare everything to order in accordance with its "after-order" cooking system. The company has successively created a wide range of unique products incorporating Japan's food culture, including the Teriyaki Burger (1973), made with miso paste and soy sauce, and the MOS Rice Burger (1987), which features a rice bun. In addition to "delicious taste," MOS BURGER is also committed to the "health, safety and well-being" of its customers. Seeking to further contribute to the health of its customers, the company has since 1997 supplied all of its stores with MOS Fresh Vegetables, which are grown by contracted domestic farmers using methods that do not rely on pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

MOS BURGER stores aim to provide delicious taste, health and happiness to customers and local communities, while also serving as a place where customers can recharge themselves for tomorrow.

The MOS Take on CSR Management

CSR activities are nothing new for the MOS Group and are very much an established practice within the company. Our CSR activities allow us to reaffirm and remain true to our management philosophy as well as corporate objectives that have been in place since the founding of the company. In this sense, they could be described as "old yet new."

At the same time, we are reviewing our efforts thus far from a CSR perspective, and re-establishing our readiness to implement various initiatives, which will pave the way for further improvements in management quality. The MOS Group pays constant heed to everyday matters, recognizing the demands of society as it promotes communication to build relationships rooted in trust with its stakeholders (customers, shareholders, trading partners, franchise stores, local communities, government organizations, the environment and employees). This is what the company strives for when it comes to CSR management.