The MOS Franchise System

The MOS franchise system provides the right to exclusively operate MOS BURGER stores to a single corporate entity in specified extensive territories, namely countries or regions where MOS BURGER has not yet advanced.These rights holders are called area franchisees. As such, in countries and regions other than Japan, we do not seek small-scale or individual capacity franchisees.

Joint Venture

In entering into a new country, we establish a joint-venture company between MOS FOOD SERVICES, INC. and the local partner, and the company that will engage in the operation and development of MOS BURGER in the pertinent country or region.
We also dispatch personnel from the MOS BURGER headquarters to the joint-venture company to engage in joint efforts with respect to the development of the business.
For details, please refer to the following chart.


Flow Chart

MOS Franchisee Evaluation Process

*We do not disclose details of the criteria used to evaluate and select potential franchise candidates.


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2Internal Evaluation

We request that you submit your company profile and an application form for the MOS BURGER franchisee.
We will examine according to the evaluation criteria of our Company When you receive a favorable evaluation, we will conduct an interview. We do not disclose details of the criteria used to evaluate and select potential candidates.

3First Interview and Presentation of Terms of the Contract

4Several Interviews

5The Last Interview by the President or Managing Director
Responsible for the Overseas Headquarters

This is the last interview.

6Joint-venture Agreement

The joint-venture agreement is concluded between you, local partners, if any, and MOS FOOD SERVICES, INC.

7Franchise Agreement

The franchise agreement is concluded between MOS FOOD SERVICES, INC. and the joint-venture company.


QWill you tell me the terms of the contract? (Merchant fees, royalties, etc.)
AWe are sorry to say that details are not disclosed at this stage.
For details, please refer to the flow chart.

QWill you tell me about the criteria used in the selection of franchisees?
ASorry again, we do not disclose details.

QWe would like to be a franchisee in a country where MOS BURGER is already present.
AWe do not seek franchisees in countries or regions where we already have a presence.

QAre applications to become a franchisee limited to corporate entities?
What can we do now with respect to the establishment of a company as a part of efforts to engage in MOS BURGER business activities?
ABasically, we target corporate entities, and do not accept individuals as franchisees.

QAre any companies other than those in the food-service industry accepted as franchisees?
AIt is possible.