The MOS Concept of Partnership

Let's be clear

The road to being a MOS franchisee is not as easy as you might expect. In the first place, we would ask that become fully aware of our philosophy and ways of thinking.
When you understand these concepts and empathize with them is the starting line for becoming a MOS franchisee.

The Origin of MOS, the Spirit of Satoshi Sakurada

"If I do work, I would like to engage in activities that give me delight, and which are appreciated by customers as well."
"Even if a company that pursues profit, I would like to create an organization where everybody involved can grow together, appreciating good human relationships."

To stand tall and firm like a Mountain.
To have a heart that is broad and deep as the Ocean.
To have passion like the Sun that never burns out.

Our founder, Satoshi Sakurada, created the MOS name, which imbues an unlimited love for human beings and nature. The MOS BURGER chain cares for nature and aims to become a group of people that can contribute to the creation of happiness both for people and society.

The MOS Concept of Partnership

We would like to form partnerships with candidates who empathize with our idea that, "if I do work, I would like to engage in activities that will be appreciated by customers;" or who are always thinking about "giving pleasure to customers;" gaining satisfaction from seeing customers eating with gusto; and whose actions are driven by this motivation.

While you might think that a restaurant franchise business can be started and generate profit with ease, it actually requires a substantial amount of investment and hard work. You will never survive if your motivation is half-hearted. We do not want partners who aspire to be franchisees simply because hamburger stores of Japanese origin are popular in Asia, or with the idea that a store is likely to become popular in a particular country, bringing profit.

Needless to say, profits are important for a business. Our idea, however, is that profits are a product of an unwavering commitment to the basic principles of "cordial service," "safe, high quality, and delicious products," and "clean, polished stores."

For this reason, we make it a rule to ask you to follow many steps in order to foster a common awareness of our mutual values and missions before we reach a consensus on an agreement.We will continue to impose many requirements on franchisees, in order to maintain or enhance even further the MOS brand overseas that we have built up over many years in Japan.

Support System

An example of our support system through to the opening of the first store is presented as follows.
Ahead of the first store opening, those persons in charge of the overseas operation division and the overseas products division implement and provide advice and support in connection with product development, the establishment of a distribution channel, staff education, customer service training, store design and construction management.

Participation of new franchisee personnel in the training program conducted in Japan is required without fail.
During this training, participants gain an understanding of the indispensable requirements associated with the MOS BURGER philosophy of business and management, starting from the underlying principles of MOS BURGER, namely its focus on H (Hospitality), D (Delicious) taste, and C (Cleanliness), Participants receive customer service training based on this HDC concept, the making of hamburgers, and a lecture on sanitation.

We assure you that even after the opening of the first store, we maintain a system of cooperation with the franchisee to ensure the development and growth of MOS BURGER in the pertinent country or region. We remain involved in sales planning, staff training, the proposal of various operating measures, as well as product development.