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The MOS BURGER official website, the MOS BURGER official app, and the MOS FOOD SERVICES website (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Services") are official services run by MOS FOOD SERVICES, INC. (hereinafter "the Company"). These Terms of Use stipulate the various conditions for using the Services. We ask that any individuals using the Services (hereinafter "the Customer") read these Terms of Use and agree to the content herein.

1. Scope of Terms of Use

These Terms of Use apply to any and all relations with our Customers in the Services operated by the Company.

2. Changes to Terms of Use

  1. The Company reserves the right to freely change the content of these Terms of Use (This includes the rules and regulations related to the services posted on the Services. The same shall apply hereinafter.).
  2. Should the Company change these Terms of Use, the details of that change shall be posted on the MOS BURGER Official Website to notify our Customers. The Customer shall be deemed to have agreed to this change to these Terms of Use should a Customer resume use of the Services after the notification of the details of this change.

3. Adherence with Terms of Use

The Customer is obligated to understand and adhere to these Terms of Use (This includes the Terms of Use after it has been changed as provided for above.).

4. Use and Handling of Personal Information

In order to provide our Customers with peace of mind, the Company, based on our Privacy Policy, manages and makes efforts to protect any personal information our Customers enter into the Services.

The Company will not disclose any of our Customers' personal information without their prior consent.

However, should there be deemed to be legal justification, personal information may be disclosed without a Customer's permission.

In the operation of the Services, the management of personal information is outsourced to a specialized company, which is under the strict oversight of the Company.

Even should the Company change the outsourced specialized company for Website Service operation purposes, strict management of personal information will continue.

The transmitted data of the current address and name of a Customer input into the Services will be encrypted using SSL (*1) to protect the Customer's personal information.

  • *1 SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol to encrypt and transmit data over the Internet.

5. Management of Registered E-mail Address and Password

  1. The e-mail address and password the Customer uses to login shall be managed by the Customer.
  2. Use of the Customer's e-mail address and password by a third party is prohibited. The Customer shall bear all responsibility for the management and use of their e-mail address and password, and shall bear all responsibility for all conduct carried out using their e-mail address and password, regardless if it was carried out by the Customer.
  3. Should any damages be incurred by the Company, the Customer, or a third party through the use of the Customer's e-mail address and password, the Customer will be liable for any compensation.
  4. The Customer shall not transfer, pass on, or otherwise provide to a third party the use any rights possessed through the Services or as the user of this app.
  5. Should a loss or theft occur of the registered e-mail address and password, the member shall immediately report such to the Company. Upon receiving the report of a loss or theft, the Company may, upon assessing the situation, suspend the use of the registered e-mail address and password.

6. Changes to Registration Information

Should there be a change in the Customer's e-mail address, residential address, or other content registered with the Services, the Customer shall promptly change the registered information in accordance to procedures specified separately by the Company. The Company shall bear no responsibility should the member incur any disadvantages due to a delay in the notification of such changes.

7. Processing of Information after Member Withdrawal

A customer may withdraw their membership (delete their information) on the Withdraw page of the MOS BURGER Official Website. The Company may request Customers to submit information to confirm their identity. Once membership information has been deleted, all registered member information is lost and cannot be recovered. The Customer's registered information is immediately isolated from the other operating data after their withdrawal has been processed, and appropriate measures to handle personal information are subsequently taken to ensure the complete deletion of all data within 6 months under the supervision of the Company.

8. Prohibitions and Deletion/Suspension of Use of Membership

The following Customer behavior is prohibited. Should any of the following be discovered, the Company reserves the right to suspend all services, delete the Customer's membership, and cease all future use. In that event, all registered member information is lost and cannot be recovered. The Company bears no responsibility for any damages incurred by the Customer as a result of this action.

  1. Providing false information when registering as a member or when using the Services;
  2. Any behavior that makes other members or third parties uncomfortable or brings on them a disadvantages, such as through sending spam, abusive or slanderous e-mails, or posting such comments on the websites of other companies;
  3. Any behavior that impedes the operation of the Company, such as hacking into our system or sending chain e-mails;
  4. Improper use of member credentials for monetary gain;
  5. Behavior that contravenes public order and standards of decency;
  6. Behavior that is in violation of laws and ordinances;
  7. Reposting or redistributing articles, plans, postings and other content of the Company without permission;
  8. Wrongful use of one's own or a third party's e-mail address and password;
  9. Behavior that impedes the operations of the Company;
  10. Use of a stopped or invalid e-mail address.

9. Liability for Losses or Damages

  1. The Customer shall bear all responsibility and costs involved in resolving any losses or damages caused by the Customer to a third party through the use of the Services, and the Company shall not be held responsible for any such resulting losses or damages.
  2. Should any damages be incurred by the Services and/or other customers by a customer's behavior that contravenes these Terms of Use or by any other illicit or illegal behavior, the Company shall reserve the right to file a claim for compensation of damages against that customer.
  3. Should the use agreement with the Customer correspond with the Consumer Contract stipulated in Article 2, paragraph 3 of the Consumer Contract Act, then the provision therein granting the Company complete exemption from liability for damages shall not apply, and should the damages occurring to the Customer stipulated by this provision be based on the Company's failure to live up to its financial obligations, its illegal behavior or its warranty against defects, then the Company shall be liable for any damages caused, limited only to direct and normal damages.

10. Copyrights

  1. All copyrights of the Services (Including the rights under Article 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act. The same shall apply hereinafter.) belong to the Company. All content of the Services, including its structure, design, graphics, such as illustrations and pictures, and text shall be subject to copyright. Any reposting or redistribution of content without the prior written consent of the Company shall constitute a violation of copyrights, and the Company reserves the right to impose a fine or claim compensation for damages resulting from copyright infringement.
  2. The copyrights of any postings or other works to the Services shall belong to the Company, and the reposting or redistribution of all or a part of such postings or other works without the permission of the Company and the original poster by a third party is prohibited. Additionally, the Customer shall not exercise any copyrights or personal rights over works posted to the Services.

11. Change of the Content of the Services

  1. The Company may change or cancel the Services or the content therein without the permission of Customers.
  2. The Company bears no responsibility should such change or cancellation cause any disadvantage or damages to the Customer.

12. Interruption or Stoppage of the Services

The Company may temporarily interrupt or stop a part or all services without the permission of the Customer in one of the following circumstances:

  1. In cases of system preservation, renewal or emergency concerning the Services or network;
  2. In cases where the provision of service becomes impossible owing to force majeure, such as fire, power outage, natural disaster etc.;
  3. In cases where it is deemed that the provision of service will be impossible owing to other unforeseen circumstances.

13. Transfers of Terms of Use

The Company reserves the right to transfer to a transferee any rights or obligations based on these Terms of Use, such as assignments, transfers and collateralizations to a third party and other rights and obligations based on this contract, as well as Customer registered matters and other Customer information, without the written consent of the Customer, and the Customer gives prior consent to any such aforementioned transfer.

14. Exemption from Liability

  1. The Company shall strive for the sound operation of the Services; however, the Company makes no guarantee whatsoever of the completeness or accuracy of the Services, the app content or information therein. Additionally, the Company shall bear no responsibility for any resulting damages.
  2. Packet transmission fees occurring during use from a mobile device shall be borne by the Customer.
  3. The Company's obligation to notify the Customer shall be deemed to be fulfilled through the transmission of a notice to the telephone number or e-mail address input by the Customer during registration or temporary use.
  4. The Company shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any damages occurring through the inability of a Customer to use the Services.
  5. The Company shall bear no responsibility for compensation of damages incurred by a Customer in regards to the disruption, suspension, disabling or changes to the Services by the Company, the deletion or loss of a Customer's message or information, the cancellation of a Customer's membership, the loss of data or malfunction or damage to a device through the use of the Services, and other damage occurring relating to other services.
  6. The Company shall bear no responsibility for any damages based on any reason whatsoever regarding information obtained from or websites visited outside of the Services even should a link be provided to another website from the Services, or from another website to the Services.
  7. The Company shall bear no responsibility for Customer damages based on information sent or received containing computer viruses or other malicious computer programs.

15. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Japan, and any disputes arising from or related to these Terms of Use shall come under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court of Japan.

System Requirements

We recommend the following OS and browser versions to use the Services.


iOS7 or later, Android4.0 or later, Windows7/8, Mac OS X


Internet Explorer9 or later, Chrome (latest version), Safari (latest version), Firefox (latest version)

  • * Excluding tablet devices.
  • * Android™ and Google Play are registered trademarks of Google Inc.
  • * iOS is the registered trademark of Apple Inc.
  • * Normal functioning and browsing may not be available with some device configurations. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Supplementary Provisions

These Terms of Use were modified and put into effect on April 1, 2015.
These Terms of Use were modified and put into effect on July 7, 2015.