Corporate History (2000-2009)


March The Sendai Office is opened
September A new all-day set menu is introduced
September "MOS mineral vegetables" receive JF certification from the Japan Foodservice Association


July New wheat germ hamburger buns are introduced, and the "Mos Burger" and "Teriyaki Burger" products are completely renewed


July Stores base for "HOT SPOT" wireless LAN services is expanded in partnership with NTT Communications Co.
December MOS FOOD SERVICES, INC. sells its controlling interest in NAKAU, Inc. to Nichimen Corporation


January "Dinner Menus" are introduced to around 1,000 stores nationwide
February A feasibility study is launched for the establishment of a new system to deliver food materials and simultaneously collect food waste with the same vehicle
March The executive officer system is introduced
April MOS Farm Internet Shopping site is launched on the Company website to market agricultural produce
June Trial "Pick Up & Delivery Service" is launched in the Tokyo metropolitan area in collaboration with STRAWBERRY CONES CO. (concluded on May 31, 2005)
August Nippon Burger "Takumi" is introduced
October The first STEFAN GRILL stores (steak and hamburg restaurant), STEFAN GRILL Sangenjaya and STEFAN GRILL Shimokitazawa open


January Nippon Burger "Takumi Lettuce" is introduced
February The first "Green MOS" (fast casual restaurant) store opens at Shinbashi-Nichome in Tokyo
March ISO 14001 certification (an international standard for environment management systems) is obtained
April "MOS Rice Burger MisoKatsu" is introduced exclusively in the Chukyo area
June The new hamburger "Mos's Natsumi" series is introduced
August The MOS FOOD SERVICES, INC. Environmental Report is published
October Nippon Burger "Takumi Avocado Wasabi" is introduced


March Nippon Burger "Takumi Judan" is introduced
April MOS FOODS SINGAPORE PTE LTD obtains ISO 14001 certification (an international standard for environment management systems)
April "AEN TABLE" (a buffet style restaurant featuring seasonal vegetables) opens at Universal Citywalk Osaka™
April The next generation fast casual "Dick Bruna" model store, MOS BURGER Kunitachi, opens in Tokyo
April The first caffè leggero (a new MOTHER LEAF format) store, caffè leggero Sapporo Pivot, opens in Hokkaido
June The 2005 MOS FOOD SERVICES, INC. Social-Environmental Report is issued
July MOS FOOD SERVICES, INC. begins providing allergy and other product information via the new POS register (P5)
November Labels with information on the place of each product origin are introduced


January "MOS BURGER Emergency Whistles" are distributed to children at MOS stores across the country (1,217 stores as of November 2005) and registered with regional police stations as a part of the "Safety Store for Children" program
February Old-style MOS BURGER store (reproduction of the first MOS BURGER store) opens in Shiodome NIHON TV Tower
April Number of stores providing delivery services is increased
April Healthy cooking oil is introduced at all stores
April MOTHER LEAF franchise is launched
May The first MOS BURGER FACTORY opens in the Itabashi SATY food court in Tokyo
June The 2006 MOS FOOD SERVICES, INC. CSR Report is published
July Plastic bags for take-out food are eliminated at all MOS BURGER stores
July Cold drink take-out cups are replaced with plastic cups made from biomass
July The second Dick Bruna model store, MOS BURGER OCEAN CAFE ENOSHIMA, opens
August Four new products in the "MOS Rice" series are introduced
October The "Nippon Burger Takumi" product is renewed and introduced at all Green MOS stores
October The first MOS BURGER store in Hong Kong is opened in the food court of the APM shopping complex in Kwun Tong


January Agricultural production company Sun Grace is established
February "Eco-Leaf Environmental Label" certification is obtained for the fresh vegetable delivery system
March chef's V, INC. is established, and MOS FOOD SERVICES, INC. is commissioned by Huliv Corporation to operate the chef's V vegetable-themed restaurant business
March The first MOS BURGER store in Thailand is opened in CentralWorld, a large-scale shopping center in Bangkok
April The "MOS Burger" and "Teriyaki Burger" products are completely renewed, starting with the use of patties made from a mixture of ground beef and pork
April The first discount coupons are introduced
June The 2007 MOS Communication Report is published
August The "Fresh Burger" product is renewed, and mobile phone coupons are introduced
September The MOS FOOD SERVICES headquarters is moved to Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
October MOS BURGER celebrates the 20th anniversary of the "MOS Rice Burger"
November The first FINE store, a new MOTHER LEAF format which is a hybrid cafe and retail store, opens in Hyogo


February A capital and business alliance is formed with DUSKIN CO., LTD.
March ISO 14001 certification efforts are undertaken at all domestic consolidated subsidiaries
March The mobile site is renewed, and members-only coupons are introduced
June The 2008 MOS Communication Report is published
July The first "MOSDO" collaborative promotional campaign is launched with MISTER DONUT
December The first MOS BURGER store in Indonesia, MOS BURGER Plaza Senayan, opens in Jakarta
December The "Tobikiri Hamburg sand" made completely from domestic meat, is introduced


May The second "MOSDO" collaborative promotional campaign is launched with MISTER DONUT
September MOS FOOD SERVICES, INC. sells STEFAN GRILL (steak and hamburg restaurant) to PEPPER FOOD SERVICE CO., LTD.